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As long as I can remember, I was always looking for a creative outlet. Thinking cooking and baking might be the avenue to pursue, my last three of years of high school I was in the food preparation and service class of my local vo-tech where we ran a small restaurant. Additionally, I worked for a fast food chicken restaurant (not KFC), then at a local country club doing prep work, as broiler cook, serving out on buffet lines and when necessary, dishwasher!

This experience led me to be accepted to Culinary Institute of America my junior year of high school. It was, however, during my junior year I first picked up a camera with an increased interest in photography (and less interest in making 400 crème de menthe parfaits, etc), followed by becoming yearbook photographer my senior year – a year which as I became more involved with photography, agonized over which direction to take: Culinary or photography? Fairly obvious what I went with! The day after graduating high school, I started working for the studio which had the yearbook contract where one of my first jobs was photographing jelly beans for Luden’s. My thinking was I could and would pursue food photography.

Not quite how it worked out! Other than occasional assignments such as for Yankee Magazine, dining guides and some commercial work, food photography wasn’t a big part of my portfolio. However, thanks to shelter-in-place, I’ve used this time to fulfill the goal of creating new food images which you see here. I hope you enjoy them.

Bon appétit!

Food Videos:

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